Carpet Cleaning

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Do you have carpets to clean?

Leave it to us!


Your comfort is our mission!


With our Carpet Cleaning Services we make sure all the surfaces that you step on and are from the textile family, get professionally cleaned and sanitized.

The cleaning of your carpets doesn’t only sanitize, but also revitalize their appearance and where is needed, we do complete restoration of fabrics.


Our service includes textiles like:

  • Usual carpets

  • Rugs

  • Wool carpets

  • Oriental carpets

  • Upholstery

  • Couches, arm chairs, chairs and other types of furniture with textile upholstery, but not limited to these.

Let us know of your specific needs, no matter how unusual and we can give you a solution.


Do you want to have an impeccably cleaned carpet?


Choose our cleaning solution that completely eliminates dirt and dust and ensures the health of your family, while preserving and revitalizing your carpet’s look and feel. Additionally, your family members will enjoy fresh looking carpets to walk on, sit on and play on.



Our methodology includes professional washing systems for semi-dry and 100% dry carpets, guaranteeing complete hygiene care and adaptability to the specific needs of your carpet.



What to expect when choosing our service:


  1. Dust removal

The first stage prior to analysis and control is vacuuming the carpets to remove dust. This way we realize which cleaning method to choose and also identify possible weak points in the carpet (like worn-out areas, missing loops, loose threads and so on)

  1. Carpet analysis and control

Before starting the washing and cleaning of the carpet, a thorough control is done to discover any stains and their type. Depending on the type of stains, we use various solutions for treatment and detachment.

  1. Steam, non-chemical washing

Washing without chemicals begins by wetting the carpet and using biodegradable detergents that protect the structure of the fibers, restore their delicacy and refresh their colors.

The steam cleaning is by far the healthiest choice when you want to have a flawless carpet for a long period of time while keeping your space clean and away from chemicals and other toxic substances.

  1. Carpet brushing

After the cleaning process, the carpets are brushed to remove any residual dirt, animal hair and other lingering impurities.

  1. Stain cleaning by ecological methods

Ecological cleaning for stain removal is done with the help of modern equipment which is made exclusively on the basis of water.


Yuma Sparkly Clean uses safe methods in the cleaning process of the carpets and only biodegradable detergents that are ideal for quality carpets as well, as they do not affect the structure of the material.


When it comes to carpet cleaning, our clients recommend Yuma Sparkly Clean for the best possible results.


The carpets and rugs cleaned by us with specific methods regain and revitalize their colors, become more pleasant to the touch and emit an unmatched odor of freshness. Our service can be easily carried out indoors, in houses, furnished offices, local businesses, even in apartment spaces.


Yuma Sparkly Clean offers an integrated set of services, while coming in to clean your carpets and rugs, we can also take care of other services for you, like covid cleaning, dusting, emergency cleaning, restroom disinfection and many more.

We offer variety of cleaning services in Yuma and the following areas:

  • Somerton

  • Fortuna Foothills

  • Cielo Verde

  • Wall Lane

  • picacho village

  • yuma heights

  • gila acres

  • la mesa park

  • edenwood west

  • and more....