• Tais Santos

03 Effective Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing

The sense of smell is associated with our emotions. When you step into a house full of scents, it elicits your emotional responses such as being calm and relax, happy or irritable. You often feel nice and revitalized when your house smells great. Moreover, it indicates the cleanliness of the home.

Let’s look at simple and effective methods to make your home smell amazing, as a means of welcoming and a way to demonstrate your good care of the home.

pine cones

01. Pine Cones with Essential Oil

Natural products stimulate the feel-good hormones in the body. Thus, if your preference is for the natural products, pine cones can bring in a naturally clean and fresh atmosphere to your house.

Adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the pine cones can do wonders to your home. You may either use a tray or a small basket to place the pine cones and display them in any area in the house. It will not only make your home beautiful but generates a lovely fragrance as well.


02. Fragrant Cleaning Vinegars

Sometimes covering up the smells in the house is not effective in some instances. A thorough deep cleaning often helps to remove such odours, but have you ever thought of a cleanser that remains a pleasant smell after hours of cleaning?

Cleaning with a fragrant vinegar leaves the surface thoroughly cleaned and a sweet-smelling house to enjoy with your loved ones.

03. Attend to the Root Cause

The most appropriate way to deal with odours is to identify the source and attending to them before the smell spreads through the entire house. These could relate to cleaning the garbage bin, vacuuming carpets, dirty dishes, old food in the refrigerator, dirty clothes or towels etc.

Moisture is unfavourable to a healthy, sweet-smelling atmosphere in a home. In case a surface (bathrooms and basements) is wet for a prolonged period, different bacteria formations could release unpleasant odours which sometimes have an impact on our health.

Use of natural ingredients such as baking soda, lime and vinegar not only helps to clean but to leave a fresh smell in your house.

Although it is good to use natural ingredients, busy professionals may not have enough time to wait for a couple of hours to do a deep clean in the house. Hence, you could either purchase green cleaning products or easily use the service of a cleaning company.

Do you want to spend your precious weekends in cleaning and dusting your house or spend with your family and friends instead?

Professional commercial cleaning services in Yuma, AZ provides an array of services from home cleaning, floor cleaning and waxing to pressure washing. Thus, using a commercial cleaning service such as Sparkly Clean Yuma not only offers you the best price but saves your time and provides you with a sparkly clean house.

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