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The City of Yuma, Arizona

The renowned Arizona City of Yuma, the seat of Yuma County resides on the bank of the Colorado River of Southwestern Arizona. It is facing the opening of the Gila River which is north of the Mexican border.

According to the July 2019 data, the estimated population is 98, 285. Yuma is known as the largest town in Arizona outside the urban areas of Phoenix and Tuscan. Further, Yuma has ranked as the 05th most populated county in the State of Arizona in 2018. The city’s ethnicity has dominated by its Hispanic (55.7%) and White (35.7%) populations.

The city has a unique historical value comprising many attractions ranging from the old era to the modern era.

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The history of Yuma, Arizona dates back to 1540 with the arrival of the first Europeans. The Spanish explorers noted the natural crossing of Colorado and its strategic location, thus was interested in building up a town.

However, they found that the Quechan and Cocopah Indian tribes are already living in the area. The name Yuma has a fascinating story behind it. The Yuma came from the Spanish word for smoke (humo) as the cooking fires of Indians filled the valley.

The Arizona city had formally incorporated in 1871 and renamed Yuma in 1873. During the era of the gold rush, the Yuma was a gateway to California. Over time, Yuma has become much more than a gateway to other states.

Things to Do and Attractions

The present Yuma is a modern city that recognizes its rich history with many historical areas, museums, and parks. Yuma offers numerous attractions and things to do for tourists and residents which appeal to all interests and generations.

The unique climate, sun, sand, and water make Yuma a perfect destination for outdoor activities. Further, located near Interstate 08 makes it an ideal place to stop when traveling to Disneyland or other attractions in Southern California.

Here are some of the main attractions of Yuma for you to explore and enjoy.

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park was built in 1875 and has been a part of the fascinating history of Arizona reminding the life of the old Southwest. During the 33 years of operations, it held 3,069 prisoners, and 29 were women. The park consists of a museum, gift shop, video presentations, and picnic area.

Colorado River State Historic Park

Are you interested to learn about military history and the Colorado River of Yuma? If so, you must visit this historic park as it contains the old U.S. Army Quartermaster Depot and Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area. The park offers exhibits, a gift shop, picnic areas, and many interesting sites for children.

Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town

The Castle Dome Mines was built in 1878 with 300 mines beneath its soil and were thriving in its era. Today, it is a ghost town showcasing the life of pioneers who arrived to make a fortune of silver and copper. You can explore the original structures of the mill, shops, church, five saloons, elevator, and many more.

Gateway Park

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, the Gateway Park provides the ideal location to observe the famous Ocean-to-Ocean bridge which; initially designed to carry the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway. The park comprises picnic areas to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Camel Farm

The Saihati Camel Farm has specialized in breeding one-humped camels. In addition, the farm provides shelter for approximately 200 other animals from 40 different species.

The other popular attractions of Yuma include:

  • Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area – a gateway for all off-road driving enthusiasts

  • Martha's Gardens Medjool Date Farm – one of the largest farms in the area with 130 acres of Medjool date palms

  • Historic Downtown Yuma - past and present of Yuma combined with local shops, wineries and breweries.

  • Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center - established to pay tribute to the U.S. military history of Yuma Proving Ground

  • Imperial National Wildlife Refuge – a refuge for wildlife and the perfect place to observe nature with boat trips, hiking, and camping

  • Center of the World – a place for unusual exhibits including a segment of the original staircase from the Eiffel Tower

The City of Yuma and its richness with history, fascinating stories, picturesque places give you a good enough reason to change your mind from a day trip to a long journey. Come and experience what Yuma City in Arizona has to offer you and your loved ones.

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