Rochester NY Sealcoating is an affordable way to significantly extend the life of your asphalt driveway or sidewalk. It also beautifies your home.


Similar to asphalt paving, seal coating maintains the existing asphalt pavement surface by applying a layer of coal tar or an asphalt emulsion to it. This protects the asphalt from weather damage, oxidation, salt, and oil penetration.

Sealcoating provides a layer of protection for asphalt, helping it resist damage and wear. This means you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs in the future. The coating blocks harmful chemicals from seeping through small cracks in the surface of the asphalt. It also protects the asphalt from the sun’s UV rays which can cause oxidation, weakening, and fading of your parking lot surface.

When automobile fluids like oil and gasoline leak onto your asphalt, it softens the material causing it to break down and crack. However, when your pavement is properly seal coated it holds up much better against these harmful materials. Seal coating also helps the surface to stay flexible so it can expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures.

Another great benefit of seal coating is that it improves the overall look of your property. Its dark black color adds curb appeal and makes your pavement look brand new. The smooth surface is easy to clean, making your property look well-maintained and inviting.

Unsealed asphalt tends to be dull, gray and faded over time. This can affect your business or commercial location’s image and make it look run down and uncared for. With a fresh coat of sealcoat, your asphalt will regain its rich black hue and glossy appearance. This will help to boost your property’s curb appeal and help it to stand out from the competition. This is a great way to impress customers or clients before they even enter your property. It also means that your business will be able to attract more potential buyers if you plan on selling your property in the future. This is especially important if you’re looking to lease out your space.

Adds Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors when it comes to ensuring your property looks its best, whether you’re trying to attract customers or tenants or maintain an attractive home. Asphalt services like sealcoating, paving and repair work, and pavement striping offer meaningful curb appeal benefits that can transform your property’s appearance while also offering practical advantages for maintenance and longevity.

An obvious benefit of having your commercial property professionally sealcoated is that it provides a freshly-black, clean appearance. This can make your property look more visually impressive and professional – which is exactly the kind of polished aesthetic that retail businesses need to attract customers and retain employees.

Additionally, a fresh coat of sealcoating can cover cosmetic blemishes that would otherwise be unattractive and potentially turn into foundational problems down the road. This can prevent you from having to spend money on costly resurfacing or repaving. Lastly, it can also extend the life of your asphalt by providing an additional layer of protection against water damage. This is because the sealcoating prevents water from seeping under and damaging the surface of the asphalt.

Prevents Water Damage

Asphalt is a robust material but it needs some protection from the elements. Moisture is one of the main causes of damage to asphalt, whether from rain and snow or vehicle fluids or simply sun exposure. Sealcoating acts as a protective layer against many of these sources of moisture and helps to keep the surface looking great.

Often, asphalt driveways and parking lots are stained by oil spills and other vehicular fluids that can be difficult to clean up. The dark color of new sealcoat hides these stains and makes the surface look like it is brand-new. Having an asphalt sealcoating service perform a regular application every 2-4 years prevents the stains from causing permanent damage to the driveway or parking lot and prolongs its lifespan.

Water damage is another problem that can wreak havoc on unprotected asphalt, especially in climates with a high rainfall. If left to stand on the pavement, it can cause cracking and deterioration, which will cost you more money in repairs and maintenance. Sealcoating acts as a barrier between the water and the pavement, preventing it from sinking in and speeding up the deterioration process.

A high quality asphalt sealer is a mixture of a binder (typically refined coal tar or bituminous petroleum distillate), aggregates and fillers such as sand, and additives that serve different purposes including fast drying, altering sand suspension, improving flexibility and durability, and resisting salts and petrochemicals. Choosing a reputable asphalt sealcoating company that uses these state-of-the-art ingredients will give you the best results. The ideal time to have your asphalt sealed is in the spring or fall, since the process requires temperatures above 50 degrees and at least 24 hours without rain.

Prevents Oil Spills

Asphalt is a petroleum product and like any other oil-based substance it will absorb gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, and salt. Over time this can weaken the asphalt and cause costly repairs. Sealcoating protects the surface of your asphalt pavement from these substances, minimizing damage and making cleanup easier.

Gasoline and oil spills are a common nuisance on driveways and parking lots. The oil and gasoline will stain the asphalt surface, creating a sticky patch that is almost impossible to clean. Sealcoating prevents the stains from forming in the first place and significantly reduces the time it takes to remove them when they do occur.

Sealcoat provides a layer of protection over the existing asphalt, sealing small cracks and imperfections. It also helps to prevent water penetration and oxidation, improving the durability of your asphalt pavement. This will protect your investment and save you money in the long run.

Professional sealcoating contractors use high-quality materials that are superior to the store-bought variety, meaning you will get better results. Adding a protective coat to your asphalt will enhance the curb appeal of your property, giving it a unified, jet-black appearance that looks brand new. This will help to increase the value of your home or business and make it more appealing for prospective buyers or tenants.

A regular schedule of sweeping, removing oil and chemical spills as soon as they happen, and sealing with sealcoat is an excellent maintenance strategy that will extend the life of your asphalt. However, keep in mind that sealcoat cannot repair serious pitting or chips in your asphalt. These problems should be addressed with a concrete repair service before the sealcoat is applied.

Saves Money

If you invest in a professional sealcoating company to apply a fresh coat of asphalt every three to five years, you will save money in the long run by significantly extending the life of your pavement. This prevents minor wear and tear from escalating into major repairs that require more expensive replacement or reconstruction of your parking lot or driveway.

In addition, the unified appearance of freshly sealed asphalt sends a positive message to your customers or tenants that you care about their experience on your property and are committed to maintaining a clean, safe environment. This may encourage them to return or recommend your business to others, which can also increase revenue or tenant satisfaction.

Untreated pavement can deteriorate rapidly because water seeps into tiny cracks and erodes the foundation underneath. Freezing and thawing cycles expedite this process, as the asphalt becomes brittle and crumbles under heavy traffic. A fresh sealcoat keeps the surface pliable and helps asphalt adjust to temperature changes.

A new layer of protection protects the asphalt from UV rays, oil spills, and other chemical fluids that degrade the surface. It also provides a smoother surface that resists weathering and supports the weight of cars. Sealcoating also adds a deep black color to the surface, which improves curb appeal and increases the value of your home or commercial property.

Before you sealcoat your pavement, it is important to fill any existing cracks or damage so that they do not continue to grow bigger and cost more to repair. Also, it is a good idea to have your driveway or parking lot cleaned of any dirt, debris, and oil so that the sealant can bond with the surface properly. If you decide to DIY sealcoating, be sure that you have the proper equipment for the job and take the time to do it correctly. Otherwise, you could end up ruining your clothes and skin from the chemicals in the cleaners or spending more money to redo the project after a few mistakes.