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We are Yuma’s commercial cleaning experts and we are here to help! Life happens we know. That is why we are prepared for it. With years of cleaning experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we guarantee we can get the job done. We clean up messes big and small. Some of the facilities we offer services to include medical offices, places of worship, fitness facilities, schools and daycare, retail stores, and many more.


Attention to detail and a positive attitude are what we strive for!


We offer services like dusting, emergency cleaning, restroom disinfection, solar panel cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning. If the service you require is not on this list give us a call. I’m sure we can find a way to accommodate your needs and your budget.


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Affordable cleaning services

from Yuma's best.



Top 3 Reasons To Pick Us

Best Prices: We make our prices as affordable as possible. We research what our competitors are asking for and when we can beat it, we can at least match it. Give us a call and tell us about your need and your budget. We will work something out that will be cost-effective and efficient.

Insured: Safety is our number one concern, we use the proper cleaning equipment and EPA approved sanitation products. During covid, we practice social distancing and wear protective gear to keep our professionals and your staff safe at all times.

Friendly Staff With Great Reputation: We take pride in our work and it shows. We love cleaning! We do the dirty work so you, as a small or large business owner, can concentrate on what you do best! Running your business. Our Staff is approachable and maintain a professional composure. We are discrete and won’t get in the way of the normal work routine of your office or store. We will leave your restrooms, carpet and windows spotless so your customers will have a good impression when visiting your business.


These are our most requested services in Yuma, AZ.

If you don't see the service you are looking for give us a call and we will figure it out.

Pressure Washing

We use our pressure washing equipment to clean floors, tiles, solar panels, building exteriors, garages, stairwells, and anything out there that can be pressure washed. Pressure washing is a highly effective way of getting rid of the dirt that is stuck to surfaces when normal cleaning methods don’t work. We use the power of water and steam to remove even years of dirt buildup and stains.

At Sparkly Clean in Yuma, AZ we take cleaning very seriously. That is why our cleaning professionals use only the best and most efficient equipment to get the job done. The power of pressure cleaning is a force to be reckoned with. When there are tough stains to be removed pressure wash can do it. When there are years of dirt buildup, our pros can remove it and make it look new again.


Only the best for your business

We have years of experience in the cleaning industry and Yuma, AZ is our home. We take pride in it and we take care of our community.

Helping small businesses thrive and keep our city growing is one of our passions. All that is reflected in the work we do. Give us a call today and you will see why!


We work with many kinds of surfaces

When power washing, there are many options: We clean roofs, windows, walls, patio and garage floors, pools, solar panels, masonry, and driveways. Get rid of those old oil stains. You don’t have to tolerate blackened pavement another day. Just give us a call and problem solved!

Home Cleaning Services

We offer residential cleaning to make your home shine like new. We know your time is valuable and keeping a home clean is hard work. We will get to all the tough spots that you have been avoiding for months. We create customized cleaning plans to accommodate our clients preferences. WE wipe down cabinets and appliances, deep clean restrooms, vacuum and mop all rooms and much more!

Trust your cleaning to our experienced professionals and you wont regret it!

We use only eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure you and your family will be in a clean and safe environment. We take care of all tough spots you have been meaning to get to. If you have pets a more thorough vacuuming might be needed. We can customize our cleaning plans and methods to accommodate your preferences and what you think is most needed in your home.


Having a clean home brings confort and peace of mind. A dirty home can garavate allergies and spread some deseases through harmful bacteria and fungi. We are here to help your family thrive in a home that is always clean and smelling good.


Move in / move out

With all the little details of moving in and out of a home getting in the way, cleaning is the last thing you want to think about. Leave the dirty job to us as we can professionally clean and shine your home leaving it spotless for your family or for the next family who will occupy the house.

Commercial Janitorial Services

A clean work environment is a pleasant one. Work productivity drops when the place is messy and dirty. No one likes walking around in filth. Having a clean office is also important because of safety. A dirty office can spread diseases and invite pests in. Our cleaning experts will make sure restrooms and carpets are clean and disinfected.

We guarantee a thorough cleaning job at your office or commercial venue. Increase the work productivity and happiness levels of your staff and clients by providing a clean and neat enviroment. 


Our cleaning teams are friendly and professional. We do detailed yet discrete work so we don’t disturb your office routines.


We will clean:

  • Restroom deepcleaning

  • Carpets

  • Flat surfaces

  • Kitchens

  • Upholstery

  • Waiting rooms

  • etc


A clean work environment is a pleasant one.

Work productivity drops when the place is messy and dirty. No one likes walking around in filth. Having a clean office is also important because of safety. A dirty office can spread diseases and invite pests in. Our cleaning experts will make sure restrooms and carpets are clean and disinfected.

Facilities we work with include:

medical/dental office cleaning, office cleaning, place of worship, schools, fitness facilities, retail stores, gyms, restaurants, hotels and much more.

Floor Cleaning, Waxing and Polishing

Hard flooring like hardwood and tile are common materials used on residences and commercial properties. Day-to-day maintenance of such floors is not that hard but over time dirt and grit build up making it very difficult to have beautiful shiny floors. Sometimes they just need a little extra care. 

Make your floors shine again! Do you remember the last time you looked at your floors with pride? No? Then waste no more time, give us a call today. Our professional cleaners will clean, restore, and polish your floors so they will impress your customers again.


Floor waxing

High traffic areas can lead to wear and tear on any type of flooring. Even the most resistant materials will give in at some point. We use special equipment to remove scuff marks and discoloration. Waxing the floor will not only make it look stunning it will also provide protection from scratches, nicks, spills, and stains. Waxing can be applied in many kinds of flooring including concrete, ceramic, vinyl, and more.


Scrub and Wax

Even with regular waxing, over time, a floor can begin to look dull. During each regular waxing session, dirt and grime may become trapped in the wax that coats the surface. Our solution to this is scrubbing all the old wax off, cleaning and applying a fresh coat of wax. This brings that long-forgotten luster back to your floors. After getting this process done the shine will last longer and waxing sessions won’t need to be as frequent.

Our window cleaning services are top-notch. We will have all the glass in your retail store or commercial facility look like new. Beautiful storefronts lose appeal when windows are dirty and poorly maintained. 


Make your office or store inviting to your customers. A clean and well-kept exterior speaks volumes of how you present your brand and how well you take care of your business. Let everyone who walks by know that you take hygiene seriously and increase the number of people who walk right in. 

Commercial window cleaning

can be a tough job. It can also be quite dangerous to reach windows that are high and hard to reach. Trust you window cleaning experts in Yuma to handle any job that comes our way. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep everyone safe and also not harm the environment.


Keep your commercial venue clean

and invite new customers in. Everyone loves to be in clean environments. Don’t let your storefront deteriorate with accumulated dust and debris. Call us and tell us about your need, we are certain we can accommodate any kind of special request.


We are insured, safety comes first.

Our service is reliable and we are an insured company. Though we had to file no claims to this day, safety is always one of our top concerns.

About us

We bring value to our customers by providing cleaning services that we can be proud of. Once you start working with us you will never want another janitorial service. Our quality standards are high above our competition. You won't be disappointed.

Our team of experienced pros are here to help with all your cleaning need. Just give us a call and let us prove we are the best in town!

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